Back In the Chain Video Editing…

A song “Back in the Chain Gang” background musicals from The Pretenders.. So I just changed the wording of my title… FYI- I have been churning my day and night oil getting these videos edited and uploading to Vimeo. Even when I am not feeling well. I have been having headaches lately due to sinus or allergy attack as my wife stated.

The same time I have been downloading stuffs from Drop Box to my home server also so I don’t have to be paying silly prices for keeping my files online. So I guess what I’m doing is Multi-tasking these stuffs while getting videos uploaded and hooked together.

As for the students at Gallaudet. Yes they are back on campus now this week. I have not seen all of them yet. I have met and interacted with new and returning students recently this past Sunday. Please do Pray for their commitment to our Lord and fellowshipping with other believers so they can all become the Light for all students, professors and faculties at Gallaudet University.

May God Bless you All!